Cookies and Milk Christening

Cookies and Milk Christening

All styling by mum Monica and Aunt Marian – Homemade Parties  Philippines ,

Printables by Marian Rios,

Yummy cookie cupcakes by M & L Bakery, Cookie shots from Lannes Cakes & Pastries

Images by Stellar Shots Photography , Catering By Queensland Catering

Monica’s fabulous details about this gorgeous Cookies & Milk christening party…

I wanted to make sure it was themed to his favorites, which, at that point, were pretty much mommy, daddy and MILK! : )

Notice the little cookies on the steps? It was a walk from the parking lot to the reception hall, so guests were asked to follow the cookie “crumbs” that led to the venue.

We had some palo tsina lying around the house so I asked my mom’s gardener to make me a photo wall. I matched it with some jute string and wooden clips and ended up with this rustic-looking gallery to showcase our precious moments in! I was so tempted to have this as a permanent fixture in our home!

Our cookies and milk bar was a hit! We just used stuff that we had at home to come up with this pretty dessert table. I loved  how coordinated everything turned out to be! The styling was a family affair: from the paper pompoms handmade by my sister Marian, to the styro cookie choco chips cut-out by my niece and nephew, to “Jaime Lucas” carefully cut by our family friend, Jacciah and to getting floral arrangement assistance from my DIY-party-newbie in-laws! And that’s just listing a few of the many little projects we did for this party.

And of course, the star of the cookies and milk bar – cookie shots! Who can resist these cookie cups lined with milk chocolate. Did someone say “yummy”?

I like the idea of customizing party elements to one’s theme. See how easy we were able to do it using printables that we placed on our paper cups and milk bottles and the paper bags that guests used to bring the goodies home!

Party details to L♥VE about this Cookies and milk christening..

♥ Cookies and Milk bar ♥ Creative cookie shots ♥ Cookie cupcakes ♥ Milk and cookie party printables ♥ Gorgeous christening photo wall ♥
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