Easter party details to love….

♥ Easter Hunt table ♥ Easter twig tree with lollies ♥ Easter decorated glass milk bottles ♥ Easter egg honeycombs ♥ Easter bunny felt bunting and more!


Are you planning an Easter Party this year??

I have come up with a budget Easter table for around $100 with majority of the products from Kmart. The only items not from Kmart are the cupcakes, hot cross buns and table!

The first item that started my planning was the super cute Easter Hunting Pack for only $4. I used all of the decorations that were in the pack to create an Easter Hunt around the dessert table itself.

I  used the Easter Hunting Pack stickers to create bunny prints on the table itself and to also decorate my drink bottles. I wanted to dress the drink bottles up a little so i also added ribbon and paper honeycomb straws. 

The pack also included colourful plastic egg containers which i added confetti too. 

There is no shortage of beautiful Easter buntings available this year from Kmart, i ended up deciding on the cute felt bunny rabbit one. 

For only $15 you can purchase the Twig Tree centre piece. I also bought the Easter Egg Baubles to decorate. To add some yumminess to the tree i purchased some fruit sherbert lollies which i added ribbon to to hang. 

I also couldn’t resist the Hare decoration who was begging me to take him home for only $7!

I had a lot of fun creating this table and hope to inspire some Easter party inspiration for you all. Depending on your budget you can up style or down style with all the affordable party products available from Kmart.

Its such a special time of year to celebrate and create special memories. 

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Ceramic Bunny $3


Decorative Hare $7

Bunny Garland $5


Easter Egg Baubles $5


Milk chocolate eggs $6


Easter Egg Hunting Kit $4


Glass candy jar $10


Glass milk bottles $5


Honeycomb straws $2


Paper fan garland $3


Easter twig tree $15 



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