Elmo Inspired Sesame Street First Birthday

Elmo Inspired Sesame Street First Birthday Party details to LOVE…

♥ Adorable Sesame Street birthday cake with Elmo cake topper ♥ Sesame Street tissue poms ♥ Elmo face macarons ♥ Sesame Street cupcakes and more! ♥



Elmo Inspired Sesame Street First Birthday

Party details as told by Style Meets Bliss – Australia

P is for party, by letter A and number 1.
Get ready for a beautiful visual ride with our latest Elmo inspired Sesame Street party. Little Anya loves anything red. So her mum’s first and only request was a red themed party, and bingo what best than Elmo inspired Sesame Street party!

There are few themes I have had my eyes on always, and Sesame street is one of them! We choose three colours and characters for the theme- Elmo, Big bird and Ernie, so the entire deco was done using red, yellow and orange. Kids had loads of fun with our DIY photo booth along with other activities.

Highlights to look out for:

– Hand made DIY backboard for candy table
– Handmade photo booth for kids
– Backdrop curtains stitched by bub’s grandma
– Handmade return gift bags
– Personalised printable set designed by me to match the theme
– Personalised chocolates, lollies and cookie packs
– DIY pom poms to match characters
– Over 300+ digital images designed, printed and individually cut
– Delicious cake and cup cakes by talented Pimmy’s Cakes
– Yummiest macarons by Itsyummytreats
– Photography by Les Hutt Photography

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