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 Party details to Lve

Hop Hop Hooray Easter Party details to LOVE...

♥ Nibbling Station ♥ Veggie patch ♥ Rabbit Raps ♥ Garden cakes ♥ Carrot patch and more! ♥


Styling/Props- Sweet Jelly Parties California USA  Photos- Hello Blue Photo Kids Tableware- Re-Play - The Power of Recycling Printables- Just a little Sparkle Cupcakes- Garden Cakes Cookies- Creative Little Cookie Stool Covers/Bunting- Busy B's Loft

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Party details as told by Sweet Jelly Parties

I love Easter! Such a fun time of year when you have young ones and you just can't beat the beautiful spring weather. Now that my kids are old enough to actually enjoy a party I wanted to throw one for them and a few of their friends. I knew I wanted it to be a little different so I came up with a "Hip Hop Hooray" based off of my favorite 90's rap song. Disco balls and Easter eggs, how much fun could that be?

I started the design process with the paper products to help set the tone. I knew my hip hop bunny had to be cool so I went with a more modern bunny design and incorporated some black dots into the design. I reached out to Alyssa with Just a Little Sparkle, told her my ideas and she got to work bringing it all together. I set up a nibbling station to house all the snacks and treats. I made some turkey "Rabbit Raps" and used the Re-play brand snack cups to hold carrots and celery with ranch on the bottom to make a veggie patch. I sent the invitation over to Christina with Creative Little Cookie and asked her to make some coordinating cookies. She did an amazing job! There was a carrot patch consisting of snack cups filled with crushed Oreos for dirt and then I dipped strawberries in orange melting chocolate to make them look like carrots. The kids loved them. We had 24 karat gold cookies and B's Main Squeeze carrot juice with his own gold chain. Then there were the cupcakes. I recently came across a company called Garden Cakes. 100% vegan. Cupcakes made from all organic vegetables? Yes please! What better time than Easter to enjoy a vegetable cupcake that tastes amazing! Love them! I finished off my table design with some grass mats, a white furry blanket for my backdrop and of course some disco balls.

The kids got their hip hop on by dressing up in bunny related props like ears and glasses and I made some 1karat gold necklaces out of a carrot jump rope. They danced their little hearts out then nibbled on their treats at the "Bunny Break" table. When everyone was hip hopped out I sent them home with some Peeps for my Peeps. The kids had so much fun, can't wait to try something new next year. Happy Easter!

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Party Credits


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