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Mermaid Party

Styling By Fête à Porter - Festas de Charme - Portugal

Table Design, graphic design and photography by Fête à Porter - Festas de Charme Cake, cupcakes, cakepops by Açúcar Às Bolinhas

I am loving the colours chosen for this beautiful MERMAID PARTY of pastel pink, blues and green along side the gorgeous pops of deep purple. The printable collection used for this party is also adorable as displayed in the take home mermaid tail gift boxes, chocolate wrappers, bunting, candy cards and popcorn cones. The stunning cake is a stand out including mermaid scales and topped with a beautiful mermaid topper!

More details to LOVE about this MERMAID PARTY are...

♥ Mermaid jelly topped with sea shells ♥ Mermaid party themed cookies on a bed of sand ♥ Treasure chest filled with candy necklaces and gold coins ♥ Mermaid scale cake pops ♥ Sea shell cupcakes ♥

mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-dessert-tablemermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-cookies mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-cake mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-jelly mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-favorsmermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-cake-pops mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-jelly mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-cookies mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-cupcakemermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-treasure mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-thankyou-gift mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-cupcakes mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-desserts mermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-tablemermaid-party-deas-via-little-wish-parties-childrens-party-blog-

Party Credits

Party Credits


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