Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday Party details to LOVE…

♥ Adorable Mickey Mouse themed cake with hot air balloon ♥ Mickey Mouse shaped cookies ♥ Mickey Mouse cake pops ♥ Mickey Mouse themed cupcakes and more! ♥


fete a porter

Table Design and photographs – Fête à Porter – Festas de Charme Portugal

Cake and other sweets – Milene Habib Cake Designs

Another simply stunning party by Fête à Porter – Festas de Charme. The stand out on the dessert table is the most adorable Mickey Mouse themed birthday cake with Mickey sitting inside his hot air balloon. The cake is centred to accompany the cloud backdrop, setting the scene perfectly for Mickey to fly.

There are so many fun themed desserts on the menu such as the cake pops, cupcakes and the Mickey Mouse shaped cookies. The colourful take home treat bags for all of the sweets are adorable!


mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cakemickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cupcake mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cake mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-table mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday- mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cake mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday- mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-food mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-popcorn mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cookie mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cookies mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-decorations mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cookie mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-table mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-table mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cookies mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cakepops mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cupcakes mickey-mouse-clubhouse-2nd-birthday-cupcakes

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