Octonauts First Birthday Party details to LOVE..

♥ The most adorable Octonauts themed character cake pops ♥ Octonauts themed cupcake toppers ♥ Octonauts personalised chocolates ♥ Fish biscuits and more!♥


Styling, tablewares, props, lollies, printables and photography by SweetopiaEvents Australia


I’m definitely a big kid at heart! I have 2 little ones and I watch all the Octonauts episodes with them. So when Hugo’s mum approached me to style her little man’s first Birthday Dessert Table, I couldn’t be happier!!

The brief was to apply an under-the-sea tablescape using the colours of blue, white and a touch of orange. This ties in with the colours found on the Octonauts logo too.
The backdrop at the venue was already draped with white curtains and fairy lights so I went for a ‘clean’ and ‘polished’ look for Hugo’s Dessert Table. I also organised for a personalised “Happy Birthday” banner printed so that Hugo can have it as a keepsake…kinda my birthday gift for him. 🙂
It was a lot of fun putting this table together and again, a major shout out to these talented ladies for their gorgeous edible art!

Cakepops by The Cake Pop Queen.
Macarons by Sweet Pea Treats and Events.

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