Pixel Minecraft Party


I had so much fun planning this PIXEL MINECRAFT PARTY for my little Minecraft fan Liam for his 5th birthday celebration. I wanted something a little bit different for the table so i put some art work together and used a printed backdrop for the sky and Minecraft chest for the table cover. Lots of fun desserts and Minecraft themed candy were a must! I designed the food labels myself and also used quixels which i made for the cupcakes, and some candy as well as the number 5 for the cake. I was a bit time poor with party planning so Tiffany from the Wright Partners helped me out by supplying a base cake which i ordered in advance and i decorated the TNT myself. I also had lots of fun making the grass square cupcakes and cookies! The lovely Adriana from Heavenly Biscuits By Adriana provided the gorgeous Creeper alfajores. 


♥ TNT Cake ♥ Quixel cube decorations ♥ Lava and water jelly ♥ Minecraft fish, cookies, watermelon and hearts ♥ Square grass cupcakes ♥ Minecraft potions and more! PIXEL-PERFECT-PARTYminecraft-pixel-party-ideaspixel-perfect-minecraft-partyminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasWalker_108minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideasminecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas minecraft-pixel-party-ideas PIXEL-PERFECT-PARTY

Some more personal photos from the day…..

minecraft-party-ideas minecraft-party-ideas minecraft-party-ideas minecraft-party-ideasminecraft-tnt-party-cake






Personal Styling By Michelle Walker Little Wish Parties

Personal printables – food labels, table cover and backdrop by Little Wish Parties

Photography: By Captured By Kirri 

Base cake by The Wright Partners, decorated by Mum – Little Wish Parties

Minecraft cookies by Mum – Little Wish Parties

Creeper Alfajores By Heavenly Biscuits By Adriana

Venue – The Ranch Hotel

FREE Creeper water bottle labels by Halegrafx

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