Shopkins Birthday Party


Shopkins Birthday Party details to LOVE…

♥ Amazing Shopkins birthday cake ♥ Gorgeous streamer shopkins party backdrop ♥ Shopkins donut pinata ♥ Shopkins party favors and more! 


All of these amazing Shopkins Party details as told by the lovely Hayley Crouse from Welcome To The Mouse House USA. You can find out more about Hayley and all her amazing creations, sewing, photography as well as her online store here via this link.


The Shopkins craze hit our household sometime last year… it came so fast, I seriously don’t even know how it started! Of course, she requested a Shopkins Birthday Party for her 6th birthday. Ainsley has consistently loved these little things and to be totally honest, I do too!  They are so cute.  I am positive that I would have collected them as a kid and I see her playing with them all of the time, so I am okay with it.  When she asked for a Shopkins party, I had no idea what to do and there aren’t too many online ideas, so I sort of just went with what I could find (since most of this was very last minute).


Okay, so first up, the most important part of a party, I think, is the cake.  This year, I ordered a cake through a local bakery and I sent them ideas of what I wanted.  They totally delivered.


I had Garrett hang streamers up (he was supposed to have them closer together, but hey, I just appreciate he did them at all).


The favors were a hit.  My friend told me that Walmart was selling Shopkins items, such as plastic cups, paper plates, napkins, etc.  So, I ran over and grabbed what I could.  I filled the reusable plastic cups with fun puzzles and sticker sheets.  (puzzles were found at Target in the Dollar spot)


The cups and plates were from Walmart.  The printable labels were purchased from HERE.


The cute straws were found at Target and the little bows were on clearance.  The kids thought they were really fun!  (I do too!)


The best part is that each child got to pick a Shopkins shopping basket filled with two Shopkins to add to their party cup.  They were pretty stoked about that.  I picked up the entire display from a Target store.


Once again, my husband is a rock star and helped hang balloons from the ceiling.

They were very cute.

The Shopkins banner is found on the Shopkins website for FREE.


The Donut Piñata was ordered HERE.  It was a definite success!



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