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Super Mario Party

My Son is totally a fan of Super Mario and loves playing his Nintendo Switch

so we decided to have a Super Mario Gaming themed party.

I used some props that he already had to decorate the table as well as sourcing

some very cool Super Mario themed candy tins available from EB Games.

I made the cake myself and decorated the top with a Super Mario character

which was a treat for the birthday boy as he was able to have it as a keepsake from his special day.

Other candy used were gold chocolate coins and bananas to go with the theme.

We hired Gamerz to keep all the kids amused for the day which was a hit!


super-mario-party-cookies super-mario-party-table super-mario-party super-mario-party super-mario-party-cake super-mario-party-table super-mario-party-water super-mario-party super-mario-party

Styling- Little Wish Parties

Entertainment - Gamerz 

Party Credits

Party Credits


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