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This party had to be easy for me, as i was due for my fourth child within weeks.
With my special birthday boy turning 5 i had a hand full of preschool  boys on
my hands! I had to be super clever, as i knew there was no way i could physically
handle it with my pregnant brain and body!
That was easily fixed by knowing i definitely needed someone to entertain at the party.
Without a doubt i rang Superheroes Inc, i had been to previous parties and experienced
just how experienced they are in entertaining children - especially boys! Its also great
to ELECT the help of family and friends on the day to ensure everything
runs smoothly - even more so when your pregnant.

I had planned a lot in the lead up to this party (slowly but surely).
 Items that made my day a lot more at ease were, spiderman bottled drinks,
 batman and spider rings which were used as cake toppers and themed
comic styled wrapping paper.

We went with the traditional party food - mini hot dogs, chocolate crackles
 and jelly and home made mini cupcakes. We all know how beautiful cake pops
and candy bars, and dessert tables can be, but if your on a budget or want to go
with a more practical approach, you can still achieve exactly the same effect.

Each child had their very own cape with their initial on. I printed it onto sticker
paper and stuck it on the back of each cape.

We had the best family time painting up an old box red and turning it into a
telephone box. I think its the best part of party planning - when you get to involve
your children in the lead up to their special day.

Superhero gingerbread pops where on the menu and they continued on the cake
as cake toppers. I had a budget i wanted to stick to and this made the cake a
lot less expensive. 

The children's table was dressed with a superhero paper table cover which the
children could colour in and the chairs were dressed with superhero
chair covers. I downloaded some super cool superhero theme songs on my
iPhone, which my boys still fly around the house listening to!

All in all it was a great success, at the end of the day i was buggered and 
had no idea what i would have done without Spiderman - He saved the day!

Party Planning Tips When Your Pregnant

Plan well in advance
If your little one is due close to siblings birthdays, plan their party a little earlier
Keep it as simple and easy as you can for yourself:
Elect to go with an entertainer
Elect friends & family to help out with assigned tasks

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Party Credits


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