A Plan For 

The Perfect Party 

Budget how much to spend?
From $150 to $1500 or sometimes even more. 
As a guide the average budget is around $500. 
Take everything into consideration, it all adds up. 
Party supplies, venue, cake, food, entertainment, 
craft, favour bags.

Date and Time
Saturday or Sunday? This decision may be decided on
easily if you have children that play sports on a weekend.
Keep in mind certain holidays and celebrated days on the
calender such as Mother’s Day, Fathers Day etc.
Age can play a role in what time to decide on for your
party, if under 3 yrs you may want to decide on mornings
to allow for toddlers afternoon naps (and not go for more
than 2hrs). For older children the time can be a bit more
flexible. If your on a budget we recommend making it
before or after lunch time (and not go for more than 3hrs),
that way you can choose to serves snacks instead of lunch
to keep your costs down.
Set your theme at least 6 months prior to your event.
Your theme will set the tone for everything party related.
This is the most important time to involve your child, after
all, it is their party! Ask lots of questions before you make
your final decision. Once it’s decided you can start keeping
your eye out for anything that’s on special related to your
theme. It may be items used for favors, party supplies or
even candy, if it’s on sale buy it!
Look out for party inspiration by searching the internet
to give you ideas. Pinterest, Facebook, Blogs (Party
Inspirations) and party websites (Kara’s Party Ideas) are a
great way to get the ball rolling.
Write down all your ideas and all the items you need. Work
out how to fit all of it within your budget. You may want to
one thing for the other. For example, if your having a
superhero theme you may elect to spend money on a
superhero entertainer rather than a venue.
If your on a budget, we recommend having your party
from home. If your budget is a bit higher there are a few
more options such as: indoor play centres, parks, a gazebo
in your garden, Council Halls, Parents or in-laws homes,
function centre, restaurants (McDonalds, Hungry Jacks),
bowling and ice rinks.
Hiring a venue obviously adds to the cost but if you check
with your local council you will be surprised at how many
child friendly halls you will find. Please keep in mind that
these need to be booked very early to ensure your dates.
It is a must to make sure you view the venue prior to
making a booking. This will help you to work out where
you want your decorations to go and how much space is
available. Always ask what tables and chairs are included,
that way you don’t have to take too much of your own on
the day. Also keep in mind that when you are booking a
venue you need to consider set up time and time to clean
up afterwards.
If your on a budget it’s beneficial to have smaller numbers
at your child’s party (6). Smaller numbers will make your
planning a lot easier and you will have more to spend on
all your decorations and details.
If your from a large family sometimes its a given that your
numbers are high, planning in advance is definitely the key
to success. A simple approach will make it a lot easier to
stay on track and budget for larger numbers and having an
entertainer to keep the children amused is a must.
If your planning on ordering an amazing cake it’s best
to book it in early to ensure availability for the date you
require it. Once you have an idea on your numbers you will
be able to get a rough idea on what size cake to order.
If your on a really tight budget we would recommend
having a cupcake tower instead of a hero cake. These are
so easy to make yourself and also eliminate the need for
dessert plates to be bought. They’re also great for toddlers
as they are easy to hold.
Invitations are your first impression of your party. There
are so many options available now – store bought, making
your own, or downloadable printables. If your a DIY mum
this is your chance to get creative but if your a busy mum
sometimes its easier to fill in the blanks.
We recommend sending birthday invitations out 4 weeks
prior to the party.
Have an RSVP date you’d like people to respond by, giving
yourself at least a week and a half before the party date
to work out numbers for all your food etc. It also helps
to leave a few contact options for RSVP, other than just
contacting you by phone, you may also want to leave your
email address.
You may choose to base your food around your theme.
Think about your food options and search for some
creative food ideas via the internet. There are so many
easy DIY ideas that are theme related, or if you’re creative
you can come up with your own idea!
Always be sure to add a healthy option to the table such as
fresh fruit and also be aware of any children that may have
allergies and cater for their needs.
Having just snacks is also a cheaper alternative rather than
serving lunch. Pre made candy bags are also a big time
saver instead of DIY candy buffets for small children.
Write a checklist of all your party food items to be
purchased the day before the party. Having pre made food
such as cookies, cupcakes and jelly, eliminates having to
make anything on the morning of your party.

Party Supplies

Picking your party supplies such as paper plates and cups
early can be a great base to styling your party. There are so
many great options available to purchase in stores or on
the internet. If your on a budget, most bargain stores have
a lot of party supplies now available from as little as $2.
An entertainer is such a great option to have for ages 4
and up, especially for busy boys! They normally need to
be booked well in advance. We recommend the best way
of finding a great entertainer is by word of mouth. If you
happen to see a fantastic one at a party be sure to take
their details! Super heros or magicians are normally the
favourite with boys and for the little girls, a fairy, princess
or pamper party is a big hit.
Games, activities and crafts
Traditional games are always fun, like sack racing, pass
the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey!
Think outside the box and turn your donkey into a
unicorn or a Peppa Pig. It’s so easy to order custom made
printables now. Theme your pass the parcel by adding
favours to match.
If you have hired an entertainer then lucky you! Normally,
most entertainers come prepared with games and prizes.
Keep an eye out for crafts to tie in with your theme well in
advance. Most bargain stores have a great range of craft.
Buy a colouring in book that matches your theme and
photocopy the pages so the children can colour in.
Favour/lolly bags
Pre made lolly bags can be simple or extravagant. You
may want to add a favour to your bag as a keepsake to add
to the wonderful time your guests will have at the party.
Writing each name on your lolly/favour bag always adds
a special touch as well as a thank you. Be sure to properly
seal your lolly bags if you are making them early.
Search itunes for some amazing music to match your


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