Transportation Themed Party details to Love…

♥ Fun hand crafted transportation themed backdrop ♥ Baggage claim ♥ Fueling Station ♥ Choo choo snacks ♥ Transportation themed cake, cookies, cupcakes and more! 



Party details as told by Style Meets Bliss

The Party which convinced me to take the big leap!!!

One of the many parties I organised that gave me the utmost satisfaction, and convinced me that party planning is one of my strong passions, and my interest in hand-made crafts with attention to detail- two most distinct flavours I could offer- And here I am doing the same- I thought it is appropriate to start this page with this party pictures.
The décor of the day achieved the core outcome any party organiser can dream of- A big cheer on everyone’s face. How often did any-one come across a two-year-old enjoying his own birthday party as if he knew everything what was going around him. How often would parents be totally involved through out the party along with kids? If a simple décor got every person in the party engaging and raving about the concept, then its pure joy!
Reyansh loves vehicles. He thinks of cars, trucks, trains, planes, trams etal even during his sleep. Reyansh’s parents gave me full freedom to come up with the theme, concept, design etc. No expense was spared with this party, as it included everything a birthday party could have- Best decoration, Best food, Best kids entertainers, and Best photographers
I was looking out for inspiration for a back-drop to match the theme. And bingo it began with the party invite I designed with inspiration from Little birdie designs. I hand- stitched the back drop to match the invite, and every other detail was just wrapped around this backdrop. The little boy was ecstatic as he was surrounded by vehicles every corner he turned. More details against the pictures. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Any feedback is much appreciated.
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